Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ooh! Hot Heels

It's not often I'll consider practicality when it comes to fashion buys, but it's safe to say these wedged sandals tick the practical box for me.

Hang on, hang on, hear me out - to anyone who couldn't give two hoots about fashion, these wedges look dangerously high, unquestionably unstable, and "wouldn't your toes get cold"? Well, yes. All of the above may well be true, but for the rest of us mad lot, they're practical because they're versatile, and we'd wear these babies over and over again.

Black = you just can't go wrong with this fail-safe colour.
Wedged = happy feet! Soooo much more comfier than standard heels (read: last on the dancefloor)
Sandals = perfect for Spring/Summer, obvs.

Glimmer D Gladiator Wedge Sandal, £85 from Dune.