Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ooh! Kickin' Knit

so today, there's only one topic on everyone's lips - the FRRREEZING cold weather! Yes, we may not be in Siberia, but we have hit sub-zero temperatures on our wee little island, and it's safe to say that we're feeling all -7 of it.

So, you can pile on layers of tops and cardis, but I prefer to pull on one super cosy jumper in times of extreme cold. Enter the Julsey from Reiss...Ta Dahh!

Made from merino wool, this pull-over is sure to keep you toasty.  And whats more, being the long length that it is, keeps you tush mighty toasty too! From a fashion point of view, it channels the 80s with its geometric design in a completely 'now' kind of way - just add big hair and statement earrings.

Julsey Jumper, £60 from Reiss